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Utah Divorce Education Course


Utah Divorce Orientation Course

Parents with minor children are required to complete court approved (1) Divorce Orientation course (for parents of minor children in a divorce or temporary separation) and (2) Divorce Education course (for parents of minor children in a divorce only).
These courses must be taken within 60 days after filing the Petition for Divorce or Petition for Temporary Separation or within 45 days after receiving notice from the petitioner, whichever is earlier.  These courses are not required for parents with no minor children. See Utah Code §§ 30-3-4.5, Section 30-3-11.3 or Section 30-3-11.4, and Rule 4-907 of the Utah Rules and Judicial Administration.  The courses may be combined and attended at the same time.  However, please note that you will be required to attend at least the Divorce Orientation course before the court will set a hearing on a motion for temporary orders. To help with this, the court allows parents to take the Divorce Orientation class online.  Unfortunately, at this time this is the only approved online course accepted by the Utah courts. As such, you will still be required to attend a live Divorce Education course to complete the course requirement.  The cost for this online-course is currently $30.00. For more information or to take the online course, please click on this link: https://usuextension.digitalchalk.com
For more information about these courses, call 801-238-7181, en español 801-238-7180, contact the judicial services representative for this Court, or visit http://www.utcourts.gov/specproj/dived.htm.